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Born in Venice, Ca...the Artista Nova Brand symbolizes Life Empowerment and Inspiration. Influenced by artivism, Artista Nova customizes digital and hand-painted wearable art that empowers the soul!

Artista Nova's goal is to champion causes such as Mental Health, Physical Disabilities, Breast Cancer and Pet Assistance through inspirational art fashion. By enriching emotional, physical and mental wellness within the community, Artista Nova is able to cultivate brand awareness and donates a portion of each sale to a charity of your choice.

Be a part of the handcrafted fashion trend by reinventing your wardrobe today. Great causes need great designs, and your designs matter! By collaborating with you, I create that perfect fashion statement for a one-of-a-kind ensemble or chic work wear.





Artista Nova




Slam Love

Slam Love

Banksy: Rage, The Flower Thrower

Coral Aqua Succulent

Eagle Totem (Noir)

Cartoon Zoo


Thunderbird (Noir)

Breast Cancer Awareness

Street Boyz

Eagle Totem

Slam Love

La Catrina Azul